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Leverage our team of data experts to embark in your [data-centric] transformation journey
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Top data expertise at your service

Leveraging our great expertise with the Data Cloud, our team has a unique way of resolving organizational data challenges.

We have extensive data engineering and analytics experience, building cloud-native solutions, and combine this expertise with our deep understanding of Snowflake to assist organizations in their data-centric transformation.

Data Engineering

Implementing automated data pipelines on top of Snowflake to generate high-quality data.

Data Architecture

Analyzing, designing, and implementing data warehousing, data lake, and data analytics solutions.

Data Modeling

Enabling our customers’ data scientists to perform modeling, BI reporting, data analysis, and training of AI / ML models.

Data Integration

Working with a variety of technologies and data integration architectures, we support real-time, near real-time, and batch integrations.

Extract value from your data

Organizations can spend large amounts of time refining and wrangling data into useful formats. As a result, they don’t have enough time to extract valuable insights from the data.

Our team of world-class data engineers and architects accelerate the process for quickly ingesting data from multiple sources. This enables organizations to efficiently bring all their data together within one platform. Now, you can focus on making quicker and better business decisions.

Our unique DataOps approach

Many organizations are striving to become increasingly more data-driven. Their investments are typically directed at moving, managing, and storing data. Often the data needs to be structured and stored in the correct format. Consequently, it is not readily available for reporting, analytics, and data science.

Infostrux leverages our experience building cloud-native solutions and our deep understanding of Snowflake to assist organizations in their data-centric transformation. We have a unique way of applying software engineering methodologies to data engineering – we call this DataOps.

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Case studies

Media & Entertainment

Read how Behaviour Interactive partnered with Infostrux and Snowflake to centralize their player's Data.

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Learn how we helped a Hospitality provider to integrate IoT and weather data to improve their overall customer experience.

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Life Sciences

How we helped a Life Science business to improve data reliability and save time through automated data pipelines.

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Are you ready to leap forward with your data?

No matter where you are in your data cloud journey or what industry you come from, our team of experts is ready to embed themselves into your existing structure, pinpoint the value in your data, and help you achieve your business goals.

True innovation with your data awaits. Are you ready?


What is data engineering as a service?

A data engineer is responsible for the ingestion, quality, integration, governance, and security of data – in short, taking data from various sources and making it reliable and useful. This enables data analysts and data scientists to use the data for business intelligence, data analytics, AI / ML, and building data products.

Many organizations lack the specialized data engineering expertise that is required to fully realize value from data. At Infostrux, we handle the data engineering for you. We build and manage automated data pipelines as a unified data cloud solution running on Snowflake.

For more information, please see our post The Dataland Zoo or download our white paper Go Further with Snowflake’s Data Cloud

Is Infostrux right for my business?

Today’s data landscape requires significant domain knowledge to navigate. Businesses are striving to become increasingly data-driven, but investments are typically directed at the visible part of the iceberg — data analysis and data science, where value is realized through business intelligence practices. This often comes at the detriment of the data engineering posture of the organization, leading to a very robust business intelligence platform generating wrong insights from bad data with high confidence. This is where we come in. We take on the many undifferentiated challenges of data engineering and deliver curated, refined data that your team can then use to generate significant, reliable value for your business at an accelerated pace. Businesses face many common problems which can lead to BI, data analytics and data science projects to fail:

  • Organizational silos produce data silos preventing value realization; we break them down
  • Too much effort is spent on fixing integration failures before producing insights; we take them out of the equation
  • BI projects fall into the “high confidence bad answers” trap due to unreliable data; we deliver certified data sets

Whether your data strategy is to drive growth, reduce costs, or mitigate risks, we can help. From medium-sized businesses with few data sources to large enterprises facing Big Data challenges, our team of data engineers can deliver data you can trust. For more information, please see our services page, or schedule a call with us today.

How can I engage with Infostrux to get data engineering services?
  • Our first step is to set up a discovery call. This is where we can learn more about your business’s specific needs, challenges, and goals. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn more about what we do.
  • Next, we need to dive further into the details of your domain to fully assess and diagnose your business requirements. We will meet with your data team and review your technology stack during this stage.
  • Once we have gathered enough information from the call and our audit, we can assemble the right plan for you. We will deliver a detailed proposal, review any questions, and make any necessary revisions.
  • Upon approval, we will get to work. Depending on the package, you can expect our team to complete our services in as little as 4 – 6 weeks for a pilot (MVP) engagement, 2 – 4 months for a foundational engagement, and 4 – 6 months for a large-scale migration engagement.
  • We also offer ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and optimizations, so as your business grows and evolves, we will be there to support you.

For more information, please see our services page, or schedule a call with us today.

What services do you offer?

We offer the following services:

  • Data Engineering – Our teams build automated data pipelines to ingest data from a variety of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, integrate the data into a unified data warehouse/data lake solution, and engineer solutions for ongoing data validation, quality, and governance.
  • Data Architecture – Our data architects work alongside our customers as consultants in analyzing, designing, prototyping, and implementing data warehousing, data lake, and data analytics solutions on top of Snowflake’s Data Cloud Platform.
  • Data Analytics Implementation – We work with our customers to implement BI reporting and analytics solutions on top of Snowflake and provide assistance in developing reports and dashboards and optimizing their performance and cost.
  • Data Science Support – Our teams build data lakes and implement appropriate technologies to enable access and provide compute capacity for our customers' data science teams to perform data analysis, modeling, and training machine learning models.
  • Managed Data Cloud – We deliver automated data pipelines and validated data sets as a unified and managed solution offered as a service, which includes ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and optimizations.

For more information, please see our services page, or schedule a call with us today.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing depends on a variety of factors, including number of data sources, the complexity of integration, and services required. To determine a price, we require an initial discovery call and a further audit to understand the specific needs of your business.

For a free 2-hour data analysis workshop, please contact us to learn more.