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Security Data Lake

Build your extended detection and response Data Lake using Snowflake
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One source of truth
for your data

Snowflake's unique approach to Cybersecurity Workloads revolutionizes how organizations build detection and response data lakes.

By bringing all your sources to the Data Cloud, you gain complete visibility over your cybersecurity data and the possibility to build complex correlations between datasets from various systems.

Gone are the days of reloading historical data or manually extracting and analyzing it. Do it all from one location.

Key outcomes


Find hidden threats by correlating your data and Snowflake Marketplace data


React quicker to new threats and prevent future attacks


Keep all historical data available at your fingertips

Use Cases

The security data lake for Snowflake is a modern view on the XDR model.

Common use cases include:

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The security data lake for Snowflake is a modern view on the XDR model.
Automate security data sources ingestion to snowflake
Build security dashboard
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Enable advanced AI-driven security workload


  • Definition of your current security data sets and required capabilities
  • Build proper data modelling and corresponding data architecture
  • Collaborative design of solution architecture with your security & data teams
  • Implementation of Security Data Lake through automated deployment scripts
  • Knowledge transfer activities with client’s team
  • Build one security dashboard*

*More can be added at extra cost.

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