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Migrating to Snowflake

Migrate to a Modern Data Cloud Platform with Infostrux

Introduction to Data Migrations

Migrate your data infrastructure from legacy systems to a modern, fully managed Cloud Data Platform with confidence. 

Legacy data solutions are complex, costly, and challenging to maintain or expand. They are often limited in performance and scalability and pose security and governance challenges. Migrating to the Snowflake Data Cloud resolves these issues and unlocks the potential for new workloads and use cases. At Infostrux, our seasoned data and cloud specialists streamline this migration process with their expertise relying on our proven migration methodology and strong automation capabilities

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Benefits of Migrating with Infostrux

Why Choose Infostrux?

  • Reduced Management Effort and Cost: Drastically reduce administration efforts and costs associated with platform management.

  • Enhanced Scalability and Performance: Enjoy unlimited growth potential with improved scalability and performance.

  • Modern Capabilities: Access advanced use cases like data sharing, AI/ML, and monetization with a modern data platform.

  • Accelerated Project Delivery: Experience faster delivery timelines for increased productivity.

  • Enhanced Security and Governance: Improved security measures and simplified governance for your data.
  • Proven Migration Path: Minimize risk by following our established migration path.

  • Efficiency through Automation: Utilize automation capabilities to reduce effort in the migration process.

  • Accelerated Delivery: Leverage our methodology and expertise for faster production availability.

  • Snowflake Elite Partner: Infostrux boasts the highest percentage of Snowflake-certified engineers, ensuring top-notch expertise.

  • Comprehensive Migration: We migrate the core database components, infrastructure, pipelines, and downstream consumers.

Supported Technologies for Migration

SQL Server
SAP - Re-Architecture
Spark - Scala & Python
AWS Athena
(Partial Automation Only)
Crystal Reports

Snowflake Elite
services partner

As a Snowflake Elite Services Partner, we help organizations migrate and implement Snowflake. We are a one-stop shop, providing comprehensive professional and managed services for your Snowflake needs.

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Infostrux Snowflake Service Partner Elite badge

Our Migration Methodology

We use a proven and battle-tested migration project methodology, playbooks, and highly effective automation. A typical migration project may include:

  • Assessment & Planning: discovery & scoping, code analysis including dependency, lineage, and complexity analysis of the database, ETL and reporting code, target architecture solutions, detailed end-to-end migration plan & pricing. 

  • Architecture & Platform Readiness: environment provisioning and technology deployment,  Snowflake, ELT/ELT tooling, infrastructure environment setup, development environment setup, CI/CD setup.

  • Code Conversion: Automatic or semi-automatic conversion of database DDL and DML code,  ETL/ ELT pipelines and other upstream systems code, reports, dashboards, and other downstream systems and orchestration code.

  • Data Migration: one-time historical data migration, continuous data migration for parallel-run testing, and seamless cut-over.

  • Testing & Verification: unit testing, parallel runs, integration testing, system testing, business acceptance testing,  performance improvement, and cost optimization.

  • Production & Operations: cut-over and legacy services decommissioning, transition and support
Migration Methodology

Our Migration Service Capabilities

Infostrux Migration Service supports Lift & Shift, Lift & Modify and Re-design Migrations
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Are you ready to leap forward with your data?

No matter where you are in your data cloud journey or what industry you come from, our team of experts is ready to embed themselves into your existing structure, pinpoint the value in your data, and help you achieve your business goals.

True innovation with your data awaits. Are you ready?