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Snowflake Native Apps

Discover Snowflake Native Apps by Infostrux: Streamline your data engineering with our free, efficient extractors and loaders. Enhance your data strategy today.

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Infostrux MS Graph API Extractor

The app is the first in the series of Infostrux Snowflake extractors that do not require additional services or infrastructure to run. It is fully functional and free to use (Snowflake usage billing applies).

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Infostrux Loader
This application performs the "load" (L) portion of an "extract load transform" (ELT) data pipeline. It works on raw extracts that conform to Singer open-source standard.

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Infostrux Modern Software Asset Management

This native app was designed to help you save money on third-party SaaS and on-prem license costs. Deprovisioning licenses for underutilized assets such as productivity suites, charting and diagramming tools, line of business or sales support, and development tools can lead to substantial savings.

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Infostrux Cost Optimization

This application offers fundamental account monitoring, providing insights into storage credit usage and storage sizes as well as compute credit usage broken down by time, by warehouse, and by user.


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Infostrux Data Maturity Assessment

The goal of this app is for Infostrux customers to understand what stage of Data Maturity they are at. The application presents a simple Data Maturity assessment quiz that gives a high-level understanding and guidance as to the overall Data Maturity of the practice. The quiz covers six critical areas for your business, each with five levels on the maturity scale.