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Data Sharing

Data Overlap Analysis

Understand the value of your prospective data partnership
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Data-sharing made simple

Data-sharing partnerships between organizations can yield a significant multiplier to the value of their respective data assets.

This value, however, is difficult to assess ahead of the full implementation of data-sharing mechanisms, especially when sensitive information is in play.

To address this challenge and help you develop your data partnership ecosystem, Infostrux offers a secure service to provide prospective data-sharing partners with a comprehensive understanding of their data overlap.

Key outcomes


Overlap analysis report detailing overlap statistics including customized low-granularity classification (demographics, region)


Validation of the matching algorithm chosen for the data sharing partnership


Execution of the analysis without exposing any of the sensitive information used for matching

Use Cases

The Data Clean Room is a versatile concept enabling data sharing use cases of data protected under GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and others.

Common use cases include:

Determine the prospective roi of joint business initiatives
Validate the potential of a data clean room partnership


  • Definition of valuable overlap analysis metrics
  • Selection/design of matching algorithm
  • Design of target matching schema
  • Presentation of data preparation and encryption procedure
  • Analysis of data overlap
  • Iterative testing of matching algorithms (Optional)
  • Preparation and presentation of data overlap analysis report

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