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Data Catalog RFP Selection Tool


Accelerate Your Data Governance Platform Evaluation

Are you in the process of evaluating a modern data governance platform for your organization? At Infostrux, we have helped clients select and implement data governance solutions across various industries. We have extensively researched modern data governance platforms and developed relationships with many of the vendors on the market. Our Data Management team has created an RFP-style Excel application you can use to drive the evaluation of vendor solutions.

RFP Tool

About the Tool

Our Data Catalog Evaluation RFP Tool is designed to streamline your vendor selection process. The criteria listed result from years of research and implementation experience here at Infostrux and can be customized to fit your needs. This tool can accelerate your team's selection and procurement process of a data catalog, as vendors can populate the RFP in the selection process.
The tool follows the “MoSCoW” prioritization technique to help you effectively prioritize and set dynamic weights to quantify selection criteria.

RFP question

What's in it for you?

  • Expert-Driven Criteria: Selection criteria generated from hands-on experience with data governance platforms.
  • Speed Up Selection: Accelerate the selection and procurement process.
  • Structured Vendor Interactions: Organize and streamline your interactions with vendors.

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Download the free Excel application now and discover how Infostrux can assist you on your data management journey.

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