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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

MLOps for Snowflake

Leverage Snowflake to accelerate AI/ML
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Your team for
Machine Learning Operations

The Infostrux MLOps for Snowflake solution is a Snowflake-centric AI/ML workflow architecture leveraging comprehensive automation to implement advanced data science use cases. It includes end-to-end capabilities, ranging from data extraction and preparation through model training and deployment.

Using the solution as a starting point, Infostrux will tailor it to your requirements through our collaborative design and implementation methodology.

Key outcomes


Automated and accelerated end-to-end machine learning workflow


Streamlined AI/ML technological stack

Enhanced data security through centralization and increased auditability

Increased reliability of the machine learning workflows

Use Cases

The Infostrux MLOps for Snowflake solution enables data science use cases from within Snowflake.

Common use cases include:

Acceleration of ML time to value
Remediation of low-reliability ML workflows
Cost optimization of ML operations


  • Joint analysis of the forecasting goals and relevant data
  • Identification of relevant Snowflake marketplace datasets
  • Collaborative design of solution architecture with client
  • Data exploration and feature engineering
  • Algorithm design and implementation for AI/ML model training
  • Deployment of Demand Forecasting solution through automation
  • Performance testing and optimization*
  • Development of additional ML models*

*Optional activities

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