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The Fundamental Problems with Most BI Projects

Mark Cunningham joined Infostrux CEO, Goran Kimovski (Kima) for a live fireside chat. During the discussion, they covered a wide array of topics, including the history of Business Intelligence, the Data Analytics industry, and technology trends that shaped and will continue to shape the industry.


Mark bubble_IconMark: The fundamental problem with most BI projects starts with data and where the data resides. Essentially, can we get access to all the data we need to solve the problem we’re trying to solve?

If I look back on all the businesses I’ve done in this space, even back in the Crystal Reports days, a lot of the challenges we had at Crystal were people saying, “We won’t buy Crystal Reports until we get our data warehouse in place.” It was always this notion of waiting until we got  our data problem solved. In every business that I’ve built, it was the same story – people would always want their data organized before they start looking at their tooling.

Fundamentally, that is the biggest challenge. 

We want to make that frictionless, which will force all the tooling vendors to re-evaluate the entire data value chain. They will need to think about how they build their technologies to make them truly cloud enabled. They need to switch the way they’re operating their business model to achieve that ‘iPhone moment’, if that ever comes.

We still haven’t quite solved the data problem yet, but Snowflake is a great step in that direction of having a really slick structure and architecture for putting data into the cloud.