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Infostrux builds, integrates, and manages automated data pipelines for delivering certified and updated data sets from a variety of organizational data sources into a unified data cloud solution running on Snowflake’s platform.

Nowadays, businesses are transforming to become increasingly data-driven, but not just any data makes for a good driver. Intelligence teams spend inordinate amounts of time refining and wrangling data into a useful format and too little actually doing what they’re best at: extracting insights from data. This is where we come in. We take on the undifferentiated data engineering challenges so your teams can focus on generating value for the business.

In our experience, customers face common problems causing many BI/data analytics/science projects to fail:

  • Organizational silos produce data silos preventing value realization; we break them down
  • Too much effort is spent on fixing integration failures before producing insights; we take them out of the equation
  • BI projects fall into the “high confidence bad answers” trap due to unreliable data; we deliver certified data sets

Our Services

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building data solutions. We build with the customer needs, business objectives, existing systems, and internal capabilities in mind. By combining best practices, Snowflake’s data platform, and our proprietary IP we are able to design and implement specific yet flexible solutions that works best for our clients.

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Snowflake POC & Prototyping

We help our customers validate Snowflake as a platform for their data needs by designing and running targeted POCs to test functionality or performance, provide input into designing a specific data solution, and quickstart the prototyping process.

Data Architecture

Our data architects work alongside our customers as consultants in analyzing, designing, prototyping and implementing data warehousing, data lake, and data analytics solutions on top of Snowflake’s Data Cloud Platform.

Data Engineering

Our teams build automated data pipelines to ingest data from a variety of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources, integrate the data into a unified data warehouse/data lake solution and engineer solutions for ongoing data validation, quality and governance.

Data Analytics Implementation

We work with our customers to implement BI reporting and analytics solutions on top of Snowflake and provide assistance in developing reports and dashboards and optimize their performance and cost.

Data Science Support

Our teams build data lakes and implement appropriate technologies to enable access and provide compute capacity for our customers’ data science teams to perform data analysis, modelling and training of ML models.

Managed Data Cloud

We deliver automated data pipelines and validated data sets as a unified and managed solution offered as service, which includes ongoing monitoring, maintenance and optimizations.

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