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This month's question:

You are the recently-hired CIO of Bob’s Fish Mart. Your mandate is to bring Bob’s Fish Mart into the digital era. Most of the existing information technology is legacy and has been running the company for the past 25 years.

Bob’s main competitor, Fred’s Fish Mart recently deployed a mobile app allowing their customers the ability to order fresh fish on their mobile devices.

Most of your legacy data resides in three siloed proprietary data repositories (ERP, CRM, and inventory management). There is no website currently; 100% of the business is walk-in at the one location they have at the market. In addition, all of their clients are based within 30 miles of their location.

In the last year, Bob’s oldest daughter (Angie) graduated from university with a degree in statistics. Angie is coming to work at Bob’s Fish Mart and is excited to use some of the skills she learned at university to help grow the business.

On January 1st, 2022, you need to report to the board your top three initiatives to remain competitive with Fred’s Fish Mart.

The brain buster of the month for December, goes to the person who comes up with the most creative response. We will be sending the winner a prize that would make Bob proud.

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