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What Strengths and Functionalities Did You See in Snowflake?


On August 31, 2021, Mike Murchison – CEO of Ada, joined us for a Fireside Chat. Ada is a no-code AI-powered platform that empowers brands worldwide to provide personalized experiences at scale. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year program, Mike is also a Fellow at Creative Destruction Lab and volunteer for VentureKids, a program for Canada’s underserved youth.


Kima bubble_Icon (1)Kima: Let’s talk briefly about our partner, Snowflake – you are using their data cloud platform. Can you discuss what made you pick their technology and what strengths and functionalities stood out?


Mike bubble_Icon (1)Mike: For us, the most important consideration was scale. We are powering billions and billions of customer interactions, so having a partner like Snowflake who can support that scale was key. As we continue to scale, we will triple or quadruple the number of interactions per brand that uses Ada, so it's super important to have that guaranteed availability.

We are a B2B2C company, so brands deploying Ada in all their customer-facing channels can have millions or hundreds of millions of customers – this significantly impacts our software and how we approach reliability and scale for Ada’s software. So that certainly was a key part of our consideration.


Kima bubble_Icon (1)Kima: Are you leveraging, or do you see leveraging the presence in different regions and the ability to do data sharing as you scale it up?


Mike bubble_Icon (1)Mike: Yes, definitely, that's an important part as well. Many of our brands are international, so for us to meet the needs of our brands from a compliance and regulatory perspective, but also from a redundancy perspective, those are all really important parts of our future.