Data Cloud Infostructure

for Data Driven Organizations

Infostrux is a Select Snowflake Services Partner building and operating reliable ‘as code’ data cloud solutions for business intelligence, data analytics, and data product use cases.

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Strong Partnership
with Snowflake

Infostrux launched as a Select Snowflake Partner. Our Data Engineers and Architects are SnowPro certified professionals ready to take on challenging projects. 

Infostrux is fully invested in the Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform and continues to deepen the partnership with Snowflake and the technology partner ecosystem around it.

Data Engineering
as a Service

Infostrux builds and manages automated Data Pipelines for delivering Certified Data Sets into a unified Data Cloud solution running on Snowflake’s platform.

We take responsibility for the data ingestion, quality, integration, governance, and security, enabling our customers to focus on data analytics and science and development of data products.

Cloud-Native Expertise
and “As Code” Approach

We are early cloud services pioneers and fully embrace DevOps and everything as code principles in our data engineering projects and managed solutions.

Ensuring the reliability of the data solutions requires an automation mindset to everything we do and we’re happy to educate our customers how to do that successfully at the data layer.

Pod Model for
Collaborative Delivery

Our teams are organized into Pods combining project delivery, data architecture and data engineering experience on every customer project.

We deliver Managed Data Solutions with experienced team combining diverse skill sets together with a tight collaboration with our customers’ business analyst, data architecture and data science teams.

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