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Infostrux is a Snowflake Services Partner, providing professional services, managed services, and data strategy consulting.

Infostrux for your industry

Financial Services

We help financial institutions embrace ever-changing data challenges from data security, compliance, governance, as well as innovate and evolve their businesses in a scalable digital landscape.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We help healthcare and life science organizations centralize their data to unlock insights that improve patient care, operational inefficiencies, and keep sensitive data secure.


We help technology companies transform data into insights and drive innovation by assisting with cloud migration, automating data pipelines, and breaking down data silos.

Loyalty & Rewards

We help loyalty and reward companies create consistent customer experiences by bringing data together into a single source of truth so they can launch new innovative products and get more value from their data.

Retail & CPG

We help retail and CPG companies optimize their supply chain, improve inventory management, and better understand their demand forecasting for more data-driven decision-making.

Travel & Hospitality

We help travel and hospitality companies use data in every aspect of their business, such as understanding marketing and acquisition effectiveness, providing better client experiences, and improving operational efficiency.

Who we are

Our people come from all over the world and many speak more than one language. We are brought together by a shared passion for creative problem solving using leading-edge technologies like Snowflake.

Powered by Snowflake

Infostrux is a Snowflake Services Partner, building and operating reliable ‘as code’ data cloud solutions for business intelligence, data analytics, and data product use cases. Our data engineers and architects are SnowPro certified professionals ready to take on challenging projects. Infostrux is fully invested in Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform and continues to deepen the partnership with Snowflake and the technology partner ecosystem around it.

Automating with you

We help your organization automate how they use Snowflake to create more reliable data that you can trust.

We partner with you to build and manage automated data pipelines so that your data is centralized, cleaned, and modelled in alignment with your specific organizational requirements.

Our services

Whether your data strategy is to drive growth, reduce costs, or mitigate risks, we can help. From small to medium-sized businesses with fewer data sources, to large enterprises facing big data challenges, our team of data navigators can help you on your next data journey.

Professional Services

Do you need assistance setting up your Snowflake ecosystem?

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Managed Services

Do you need ongoing support to manage your Snowflake ecosystem?

We can help


Data Strategy

Do you need assistance with your data strategy?

We can help


What we do

What we don't do

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