Our Story

We are all brought together with a shared passion of data, cloud
technology, automation, and creative problem solving.

Locally based, globally focused

Infostrux is based in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Our people come from all over the world and many speak more than one language. Infostrux has ambitious goals to be Snowflake’s largest services partner globally.

Over a decade in the cloud

Many of the Infostrux team members have spent the last decade helping organizations across Canada and the US adopt cloud technologies, transform their IT infrastructure, and drive innovation.

Our previous business, TriNimbus, successfully helped over 100 Canadian customers on their cloud journey.

Building a world-class data services organization

After building the most successful AWS partner in Canada, the founders of TriNimbus wanted to dedicate their cloud experience into building a world-class data services organization.

Thus, Infostrux was born.

Infostrux becomes a Snowflake Services Partner

Founded in 2021, Infostrux became a Snowflake Services Partner using their innovative Data Cloud Platform to enable customers to break organizational data silos, avoid repeating past data integration failures, and ensure their data is reliable and easy to use.

Infostrux has ambitious goals to be Snowflake’s largest services partner globally.

World-class expertise

We bring world-class expertise gained through over 100 years of combined experience successfully architecting and deploying a variety of cloud-based workloads and environments.

We work with companies of all sizes across a variety of verticals such as financial services, health and wellness, entertainment, retail fashion, and many more.

Our approach

Our approach is to start with your overall business strategy, and then to align to your data and technology strategy. Infostrux helps organizations bridge the gap between data and insights by collaborating with you to build reliable data cloud solutions to unlock additional value within your data.

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