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Spark-to-Snowpark Migration

Increase scalability and reliability through Snowpark
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Let us bring you to the top of the data mountain

Apache Spark is a significant force multiplier in the data landscape. Its complexity, however, requires a high operational overhead, which leads to cost, challenging performance optimization, and inconsistent governance and security policies.

To address those limitations while further enhancing the overall capabilities of the execution model enabled by Spark, Snowflake has introduced Snowpark, which provides Spark-like DataFrame functionality within a fully managed, secure, and scalable environment.

Infostrux brings its prescriptive approach to help you move your Spark workloads to Snowpark swiftly and reliably.

Spark Challenges

Typical challenges addressed by migrating to Snowpark include:
  • High cost and complexity of maintaining multiple environments
  • Inconsistent performance and reliability
  • Lack of cluster scalability
  • Rigid environment disallowing experimentation

Key outcomes


30 - 50% platform cost savings through reduction in data movement and more efficient compute within Snowflake

2 - 5x performance improvements by leveraging Snowflake scalability features

30 - 40% decrease in engineering effort


1.5 - 2x faster project delivery through simpler, more reliable, and easier to maintain computing environment


70 - 80% SLA shortfalls, incidents, and failures reduction by relying on Snowpark


Enhanced security, traceability, and audit capacity of data through Snowflake’s native data governance controls

Assessment and Planning


  • Cost savings validation
  • Validation of performance and scalability improvements


  • Discovery and scoping
  • Solution architecture
  • Code conversion readiness evaluation
  • Automated and manual code conversion scoped to PoC
  • Cost savings, performance, and scalability evaluation
  • Detailed end-to-end full migration plan & pricing

Delivered at no cost by Snowflake Sales Engineering and Infostrux

Full Scope Migration

Platform Readiness

  • Environment provisioning
  • Technology deployment
  • CI/CD setup

Transformations Migration

  • Automated and manual schema and code conversion and redesign
  • Re-engineering of ingest and egest data flows
  • Automated unit testing
  • Exception handling
  • Performance optimization

Data Migration

  • Historical data migration
  • Setup of continuous parallel run and verification


  • Integration testing
  • Further performance optimization
  • Business Acceptance testing

Production and Operations

  • Parallel runs
  • Cut-over
  • Services decommissioning
  • Transition and Support

Are you ready to leap forward with your data?

No matter where you are in your data cloud journey or what industry you come from, our team of experts is ready to embed themselves into your existing structure, pinpoint the value in your data, and help you achieve your business goals.

True innovation with your data awaits. Are you ready?