Meet Charles: Senior Data Engineer at Infostrux

What does a day in the life at work look like?

When I am on a client’s project, I am listening to their needs and proposing a solution that fits the bill. Once we have an agreed upon solution, I spend time coding to actually build and test the solution. Then I need to pass on that knowledge and train the client so they can take ownership of the solution.

When not with a client, I have time where I can focus on learning and expanding my knowledge.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Essentially, data migration, so the data can really be on any public cloud provider. We want to merge all of the data together in Snowflake so people from any department in an organization can access the data. It’s really empowering the end user. So, it’s all about taking the data, cleaning and normalizing it so that the end user (technical or not) can really harness the power of data.

What do you like most about working for Infostrux?

One of my favourite aspects of working for Infostrux is the intellectual intensity of pushing the boundaries. For me, that’s worth all the gold in the world. I see myself making a difference as a thought leader in the field and being able to propose a solution, develop the solution, and empower the platform.

I also enjoy working with so many talented people with diverse backgrounds. I really have the impression that I’m surrounded by some of the brightest and most experienced people in their field, which accelerates my knowledge, so that’s really exciting.

Lastly, I will say that there’s a lot of opportunity for growth.

What makes Infostrux different from other companies in the industry?

The leadership team has a depth of experience and the processes are really well thought out. The way we handle the client, our services, the way we organize our sprints is really well done.

We also put a lot of effort on training, so that’s a perk of working at Infostrux. We know training should be an ongoing process so it’s not like you get one week of training and then off you go. Training is part of your work day so I think we have a great process for making people grow.

What kind of challenge do you face in the company?

Since this is a new frontier, there’s no best practice in place, or tools, so sometimes I have to think outside of the box and invent my own solution, or my own tools.

What kind of person should apply for a job at Infostrux?

First, you need to have a solid background in another field because you’re going to bring some old concepts to new solutions.

You also need to be able to learn by yourself, not that you’re going to be alone, but there’s so much to learn and it’s an ongoing process. So, if you like to learn and you’re confident in your field and ready to think outside of the box, that’s a big part. 

Being a team player is quite important as well because we need each other to come up with the best solution, so it’s always a team effort.

What are some words that you'd use to describe working at the company?

I will say learning and sharing.

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