Our Approach

Infostrux builds, integrates, and manages automated data pipelines for delivering certified and updated data sets from a variety of organizational data sources into a unified data cloud solution running on Snowflake’s platform.

Infostrux pod model

Bridging the gap

Infostrux helps organizations bridge the gap between data and insights by collaborating with you to build reliable data cloud solutions to unlock additional value within your data.

Our approach is to start with your overall business strategy, and then align to your data and technology strategy.

Automated Data Pipelines

Automated Data Pipelines

Infostrux builds and manages automated Data Pipelines for delivering Certified Data Sets to our customers. We take on the responsibility for the data ingestion, quality, integration, governance, and security, enabling our customers to focus on data analytics and science and development of data applications and products.

Using our cloud-native expertise and “as code” approach, we fully embrace DevOps and “everything as code” principles in our projects. Extracting reliable data from multiple data sources requires an automation mindset in everything we do and we’re happy to share this knowledge and expertise with our customers on how to do that successfully at the data layer.

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Pod Delivery Model

Infostrux teams are organized into pods combining project managers, solutions architects, data architects, and engineers.

Each customer is assigned a pod, which will take on the
development and maintenance of their data platform and will work with them during the entire duration of their relationship with Infostrux. This pod ensures the ongoing maintenance of the customer’s data pipeline and allocates a certain amount of capacity per month towards its functional enhancement.

A pod’s availability is variable and can be scaled up and down on a monthly basis depending on the customer’s requirements at the time.

Infostrux Pod Delivery Model

Pod Teams​

A Pod is a team is 5-8 specialists comprised of: Pod Lead (Solutions Architect), Engagement Manager, 1-2 Data Architects, 1-2 Cloud Software Engineers, 2-3 Data Engineers

Variable Allocation​

The Pod works together as one team according to the allocation tier, which is the monthly capacity assigned to the customer project. This model offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the team velocity by adjusting the allocation tier over a certain period to match expected effort level.

Trusted Partner​

Our customers are invited to participate in sprint planning and demo activities and may even provide their own resources to virtually collaborate closely with the Pod during the course of the project in an approach we call co-sourcing.

Snowflake Services Partner

Infostrux is a Snowflake Services Partner, building and operating reliable ‘as code’ data cloud solutions for business intelligence, data analytics, and data product use cases. Our data engineers and architects are SnowPro certified professionals ready to take on challenging projects. Infostrux is fully invested in the Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform and continues to deepen the partnership with Snowflake and the technology partner ecosystem around it.

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Infostrux team

Our team of SnowPro certified data engineers and data architects accelerate the process for quickly ingesting data from multiple sources, enabling users to bring it all together under one platform so you can focus on making quicker and better business decisions.

snowflake workloads

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