Mike Murchinson | Ada

On August 31, 2021, Mike Murchison – CEO of Ada, joined us for a Fireside Chat. Ada is a no-code AI-powered platform that empowers brands worldwide to provide personalized experiences at scale. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year program, Mike is also a Fellow at Creative Destruction Lab and volunteer for VentureKids, a program for Canada’s underserved youth.


Snowflake Services Data Summit

Snowflake executives, product visionaries, and our customers and partners about how the Data Cloud is shaping the future of the financial services industry.


Snowflake West Masterclass

Whether you’re building a data application for sales and marketing automation, IoT, application security and health analytics, or machine learning, you need a data platform that scales easily, is fully managed, and lets you focus on development.

Watch the Snowflake Masterclass, a technical deep-dive into the Snowflake Data Cloud.


Jim Caccia | Snowflake

Powered by the Data Cloud: Rethinking Data-Intensive Apps with Snowflake​

On August 4th, 2021, Jim Caccia – Partner Sale Engineer at Snowflake – gave us for an overview of Snowflake’s evolution from a data warehouse in the cloud to an innovative Data Cloud platform that enables businesses to run many data-driven use cases including Data Science and Data-Intensive Application.

Jim walked us through some of the latest functionality like Snowpark, SQL APIs, Java UDFs, etc. and give us insight into how those features can be used to create applications and implement workloads beyond the typical BI uses cases traditional data warehousing platforms are limited to.


On July 15th, Andrew Storrs, Sr. Director of Data Engineering shared how ARITZIA has leveraged modern software development practices (e.g. infrastructure as code, CI/CD, feature flags) to build an event-driven data platform that allows for near real-time analytics and the ability to drive business operations.


On July 13th, Snowflake data sharing expert Justin Langseth shared his expertise on best practices to modernize data sharing.

This session covered:

  • How technology has changed the way we view data
  • Challenges to data acquisition and distribution
  • Five strategies for establishing more secure data collaboration


This fireside chat with Product Madness’ data engineering team lead, Karthika Rajan Karukasseril, shared how they use Snowflake to:

  • Resolve concurrency issues they faced with their previous cloud solution, and increase their data capacity. 
  • Move towards a multi-cloud future that takes advantage of best in class tools and also seamlessly shares data.
  • Empower data scientists and product team members.


Soma Somasegar

On June 18th, Infostrux CEO, Goran Kimovski (Kima) sat down with S. Somasegar (Soma) to discuss Soma’s experience and lessons as a board member and early investor in Snowflake. Kima and Soma discuss the concept and value of the data cloud and why data exchange will be as important as data warehousing. As an active angel investor and seed investor, Soma describes what makes a great investment and what he looks for while investing in both enterprise and consumer segments.


Pierre Jr. Cliche | Infostrux

In “State of the Art in Data Warehousing,” Pierre Jr Cliche covers the different approaches to data warehousing, the benefits of modernizing your data warehouse, and touches on why organizations are choosing to migrate to a Data Cloud Platform such as Snowflake.


Mark Cunningham

Mark is a technology entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience. He has been the CEO, Founder, and builder of four high-growth BI and analytics startups all of which resulted in successful exits. In this 30 min live discussion, Mark Cunningham covers the history of Business Intelligence, the Data Analytics industry, and technology trends that shaped and will continue to shape the industry.

DataOps Meetup

Uncover the “Realm of Possibilities with DBT,” with Nasko Grozdanov and learn what makes DBT so powerful when it comes to transforming data. In the Montreal meetup, Nasko introduces the tool, talks about the different problems it solves and the possibilities it offers when it comes to DevOps, data as code, and data science endeavors.



We are inspired to support organizations transitioning to data-driven decision making and unlocking the value of business data through the application of powerful data analytics, data science, and data products.

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