What Investment Opportunities Did You Miss Out On?

I bucket the world of start-up investments into three categories:

– Invested, and happy
– Invested, but regretted
– Didn’t invest, and regretted

Every venture capitalist goes through this. Having said that, there are two things that happen here: sometimes we get a chance to invest in a company, or we don’t invest and the company just continues to run and we are never able to get into it.

What Do You Look For in an Investment?

About 3 – 5 years ago, we started thinking that we now have experience investing from day one for the long run with all these companies. We’ve seen a number of these companies scale to a considerable size and scope, get to the IPO milestone, and be publicly traded.

We also have experience in certain technology areas whether it’s cloud infrastructure (Seattle being the cloud capital) or machine learning or AI. So we felt as though we had some deep expertise in a few technology areas. We had seen enough companies go through a very early stage to a very late stage.

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