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Why Did We Choose Snowflake?

We love Cloud. We believe the emergence of the public cloud was one of the most disruptive technological developments in IT. We also have massive respect for the three largest cloud

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The DataOps Revolution

My background is grounded in DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering, and being somewhat new to the Snowflake Data Cloud world and DataOps, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much automation

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The Stickiness of Data Silos

When we think about Data in computer technology terms, we think of the bits stored in databases or files. Data can be structured in tables with rows and columns, semi-structured in

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Is Data Easy? Part II

Two weeks ago, I wrote a rather ambiguous post. It hinted at how data can be easy when a dedicated group of people divides and conquers the problem together. It also

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Is Data Easy?

“Click around a little in Power BI, and you’ll see how easy it can be,” said Kevin. “Give me CAC and LTV and I’ll give you ROAS. Simple,” said Antoine. “If

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